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About Cheeky

Cheeky Kelly is a multidisciplinary Burlesque artist who lives in Geneva.

She was born in Geneva Switzerland and studied performing arts in a professional cursus in Paris during three years.


She is amazing at Acting, singing, dancing and especially tap dancing! 


She joined the Secret follies company, directed by Emma Mylan in 2013, who made her discover the burlesque art, ever since then she performs with her on different events. (Cabaret Ohlala Chérie in Zurich, cabaret Lune Noire in Bern, private events)


She is also producer of "Poupoupidou" the Geneva Burlesque rendez-vous in Geneva.


All her acts are made with beautiful showgirl’s costumes, and the acts can be performed in their burlesque version or in their "I am a good girl" version depending on the audiences.


Her work is very influenced by the musicals, the roar twenties and the glamorous Hollywood fifties.

She sings live and the lyrics can be performed in their English or French version.






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